April Countdown

Here’s the countdown:

30 minutes until my Chinese food is delivered!!

2 days to Good Friday (I do believe I will work a half day!)

4 days left to enjoy Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum!

6 days until the Dallas concert!!

13 days until my third wedding anniversary! (Gotta remember that one!)

15 days to submit your Bluebonnet photos!

18 thoughts on “April Countdown”

  1. Sushi delivery is a wonderous thing. Thank you, sushi gods!
    Oh, and I am looking forward to our anniversary. It’s been 3 blissful married years already (we’re not including the six years of living in sin). What’s up with that? Where’d the time go?

  2. I want sushi delivery. 🙁 Oh well… I get a full day off on Friday, and another full day off on Monday to celebrate San Jacinto Day. Life is good! Have fun with the countdown things! 🙂

  3. Question about the bluebonnets: are they what we would call in europe “blue bells”? (Can’t find the Latin name for the moment) They look lovely.

  4. ~Where the hell did you guys get Sushi delivery? Was it good?
    ~I think I’ll work a half day as well. And play the rest.
    ~Been there. Done that.
    ~no comment
    ~Yay. Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary, almost. (its 18 days till my 2nd!!)
    ~trying to find the one I like best. we don’t have too many and I’m too lazy to go take new ones.

  5. Kameil– The sushi delivery is from this Japaneese/Chineese place in Flower Mound called East Ocean. The sushi is above average and the prices are better than most. It’s a local restaurant that just happens to have a very limited delivery area. Lucky me!Definitely playing the second half of Friday!We haven’t made it to Dallas Blooms this year. I’ll bet anyone who wants to take my bet that we miss it completely. Anyone?I can’t believe you like Kid Rock and anyone else who sings about getting drunk, yet you have this total aversion to St. Jimmy. ((taunt))I suspect you’ve never been to the concert. ((/taunt)) You know…some people say there are still ways to get tickets.Three years of marriage and 9 1/2 years together – hardly feels like more than a few days. Congrats to you & Josh, too!GO TAKE A DAMN PICTURE, WOMAN! 😉

  6. I’m jealous of your Sushi, you can’t eat a TiVo 🙂

    So, what did you get M for the 2nd anniversary, ours is coming up and i’m a bit stumped.

  7. Josh is not nice for taunting us with uber-Tivo. Boy, were those tuna rolls ever tasty!!!! And sooooo convenient!!!
    And Camille, you really should give a Buffet concert a try. You don’t have to like the music to have a fabulous time, since the fun is all in the tailgating (i.e. by the time the show starts, you’re too drunk to listen anyway! Y’all should think about going…..:)

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  9. Great Idea, we could make us some Boat Drinks and have them with our Cheeseburger from Paradise. But Since we are soon changing Latitudes, I’m not sure if its a good idea because we might use it to get drunk and … well anyway.

  10. #1 Kid Rock Kicks ASS!
    #2 No I haven’t been to a Buffet Kreme concert before. BUT! Merrin makes it sound like I could have fun if I went with the right people. 😉
    And uhhh. Well I’m starting to think that I refuse to like him because I never liked him before, and well…it may go back to high school. Yup. Just figured it out. Maybe its not him I don’t like. Doesn’t explain why I don’t like Krispy Kreme’s though. Confused yet?

  11. Well Caramel I think we should go, look at it this way if you don’t like it, you can just drink alot and not hear it anyway.

  12. I’m tempted to go just to meet, and hang out with, you two. BUT I don’t think I’d be able to sit through the concert. How ’bout if Eminem comes to town we go to that concert together?!

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