Two sides to every story

Aren’t there always two sides to every story? Usually there’s one that we hear about (generally slanted mightily by the left) and one that is less hysterical, more pragmatic, and (generally) much closer to the truth.

Such is the case with the story of a father & son that were arrested following an incident at an Albany Mall. You may have seen/heard news reports by the left that the men were “arrested for wearing pro-peace t-shirts“. Makes for a salacious headline, doesn’t it?

Details from the police report show that the men were arrested for tresspassing when they refused to leave the mall. Not to go off all Paul Harvey on ya, but you probably haven’t/won’t hear/read the criminal complaint from our good friends on the left:

“Security officer received complaints about defendant wearing a T-shirt “Give Peace A Chance” and defendant’s partner wearing other T-Shirt Stating Give the inspectors a chance. Received complaints that they were stopping other shoppers. Security asked defendant to leave property and defendant refused.”

More info from the police reports here, here, and (of course) here.

Now the poor, poor father who was trespassing and harrassing other shoppers was probably just an average Joe, right? Of course not, he’s Chief Attorney for Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Even worse, the mall security officer, whom it would seem was simply doing his job, has now been fired for “other reasons”, despite being honored by the town for his service at the mall and on two occasions.

And now you know the rest of the story.

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