The Buck starts here

Texas RangersI’m pretty surprised. No, I’m shocked. The Rangers are above .500 so far this season. Better yet, they’re leading the AL West! YAHOOTIE!

Bringing me back to Earth is the realization that they’ve only played one game this year. The little red shoes spoiled the Angels home opener last night 6-3. A-Rod went yard and Juando showed he is definitely in the condo.

What does all this mean for the Rangers? Nothing. There are 162 games and you have to play all of ’em. It’s just nice to think that there is no way that can lose ’em all now. I’m sure Merrin and I will make a couple of trips out to the Temple this year. We always do regardless of the record.

But, hey, a win’s a win and (for today anyway) the first-place Rangers are undefeated!