Show IP Address on Windows Desktop

Here is an absolutely great program that solves a pretty basic problem in an office/large network environment: How can I easily determine the IP address of my computer?

BgInfo from Sysinternals is a freeware program for Windows 95/NT4.0 and above (yes, it works on XP and Win2k). The program can be configured to display as much or as little info as you want. Literally, every little detail is there as an option. This is a must have for network administrators and a great tool to have even if you have just a little home network.

I’m using it to show the IP address of my computer on the desktop. The display and other options are completely customizable. You’ve got to see this one to believe it!

Sysinternals Freeware – BgInfo

UPDATE 2008: Sysinternals is now owned by Microsoft.

3 thoughts on “Show IP Address on Windows Desktop”

  1. Re: BgInfo.

    I’m trying out this software and I can’t figure out how to configure the command line option of
    /timer:0. Where do I insert the command?

    Another problem is that I’m not even sure if this option will enable me to have an up-to-date info of my ISP each time I disconect and reconnect to my ISP which allocates a dynamic IP to me.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Not sure about the command line option, assuming you are actually calling the program from the command line and not trying to access the command line functionality from within the app.

    Regarding connecting to your ISP, I think you’re looking for a different type of IP address. You’re looking for the IP address of the computer that connects you to the internet. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the program has that functionality. BgInfo is going to tell you the ip address assigned by your LOCAL area network. You want the ip of your WIDE area network. There are definately some apps for this. I would recommend you check NoNags Freeware for an internet tool.

    Hope that helps!

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