Proud to be a Texan

If you’ve ever met a Texan, you know we’re never at a loss to talk about Texas. And nothing means more to most Texans than the State Flag of Texas. Heck, that Cody guy from Survivor chose the State Flag of Texas as his luxury item.

Tonight I’m proud and more than a little touched to tell our troops that all six historic flags of Texas have been lowered and replaced with six US flags at the Six Flags over Texas park here.

I have no idea if this means anything at all to those of you outside of Texas. But for me, on a night when Iraq holds at least seven POWs (all of them from bases in Texas), I’m really, really proud to be a Texan and I’m really, really proud to be an American.

11 thoughts on “Proud to be a Texan”

  1. I put my flag up today…I took it down a while back, and kept it down, but put it back up…It’s almost as big as my sliding doors!

    Proud to be an American!*:| But I can’t be happy because of the POW…my heart aches for them and those who have died…

  2. Tina – totally agree, I’m very scared for our troops, too. But at the same time, I think they’re all heroes. They are out there for all the people that believe in them and for all the people who don’t. They would fight and (if necessary) die for people they have never met: you, me, and all of us, even the Iraqis.

    I am scared, but that’s OK. I believe in our heroes.

  3. As a fellow Texan and who works for Texas Dept. of Transportation, where we also fly the Six Flags at all times, will suggest that we do the same. I also am sending some of our “Don’t Mess With Texas” bumper stickers to some of our troops. Which this has more meaning then ever. I hope that the troops will have a chance to use these as a reminder of who they were messing with. I love Texas and I love the United States and I will always support any mission that will give freedom to an oppressed people. I would like anyone who doesn’t support this war to go switch places with the people of Iraq and then tell me that they don’t support it. Our government knows more then we do…. You must trust in the very entity that gives you the right and freedom to say and believe in what you want.
    All my prayers to everyone and especially to the brave soldiers of the coalition and the people of Iraq and to you Kevin for giving such verbal support and pride.

    Kim Maki

  4. Kevin~
    You are absolutely right, but I think you already know I agree with you! I am in awe of their resolve and willingness…I am grateful beyong any words. It just that I stumble and fall, sometimes forgetting after hearing such terrifying news and this is when I have to ask for strength…Need to be steadfast on the homefront because it’s what I owe to them!

    Texas Boy…Mahalo! I’ll think of you and Merrin when I think I’m all alone in this!

  5. Um, it’s Colby from Survivor. :wink
    But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Remember: I’m a native, and I’ll never live anywhere else. Which of course means we can’t ever move….

  6. LOL! I’m sorry. But…but Merrin’s post pointing out Colby just cracked me up!

    And uh…being a native myself. I agree with her. I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

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