Most recently: The War against Iraq

My wife deleted this from her blog, so I’m posting it here. She cited a story that reports 44% of Americans believe there is a “case” to go to war against Iraq. Pretty bleak, huh? Well, don’t believe everything you read from

Again, there is always two sides to every story, and I will always find ’em for ya.

According to Gallup, between 63% and 59% of Americans are in favor of war in Iraq. 11% of Americans believe that Iraq is complying with the Security Council resolutions.

Again, I wouldn’t even bother to post such a thing normally. I would just post it in the comments. But, my comments were deleted by the censors so they ended up here.

While I’m at it, a great video clip made by some kid who just wanted to attend the peace rallies. They say war is not the answer, but don’t ask them what the answer is – they have no idea. They say this is a war for oil, but they have no answer for why the US simple did not capture the oil fields in 1991. Priceless.

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  2. Um, who exactly are you to decide for someone else what the definition of “tyranny” is? Why is it okay for you to force your beliefs on others, but not for them to reciprocate? I’m not saying that we should or should not go to war; I believe you already know my views on this particular subject. I’m simply saying that everyone has a right to be heard, but no one should have to bear the burden of having opinions or ideologies thrust upon them. You can always find a poll to support your particular view; that’s the beauty of Google. However, did you ever stop to think that there are some Americans who might think that George W. Bush is exercising his own brand of tyranny by his harsh and blatant disregard for the beliefs and opinions of a great many of those who voted him into office? Just some food for thought. And if you ask nicely, I’ll reinstate your comments, because, on further consideration, both sides do deserve a voice.

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