Miller Lite Catfight Commercial – Take 2

OK. Some how my little personal website has become the de facto search engine king for people wanting “information” about the Miller Lite Catfight Commercial. I had blogged about it during football season and somehow that put me at the top of most searches.

Well, you want to find more about The Miller Lite Catfight commercial, Kitana Baker, and Tonya Ballinger, I aim to please.

Q: Who are the girls in the Miller Lite Catfight commercial?
A: The two girls fighting in the Miller Lite commercial are Kitana Baker (brunette) and Tonya Ballinger (blonde).

Q: Where can I watch or download the Miller Lite Catfight commercial?
A: The Miller Lite website has the “TV” version available here.

Q: I have heard there is an unedited version of the Miller Lite Catfight commercial. Is that true?
A: There is an extended version of the Miller Lite Catfight commercial that was played very few times because it is over a minute in length. I had seen it only once on TV. There were a lot of complaints, so it was cut to the standard commercial length and content. The extended version of the Catfight commercial is available online here.

Q: Where can I find a website for Kitana Baker, the brunette in the Miller Lite Catfight Commercial?
A: Kitana Baker’s website is her modeling portfolio website. I’ve “heard” that it has photo gallery, store, and more info on Kitana Baker’s upcoming events/appearances. Click for

Q: Where can I find a website for Tonya Ballinger, the blonde in the Miller Lite Catfight Commercial?
A: Right now there does not seem to be an “official” Tonya Ballinger website. There is a fan site here that has a few links to photos on various websites. Again, it is a fan site. There isn’t an official site yet, though one is said to be in the works.

Q: Isn’t there a magazine feature on the Miller Lite Catfight girls due soon?
A: Stuff Magazine has featured Kitana Baker and Tonya Ballinger in the April 2003, including a pictorial here.

Q: I don’t read a whole lot, especially that stuff you’ve written up there. Hook me up?
A: Anything for you.

Miller Lite Catfight Commercial (TV version)

Miller Lite Catfight Commercial (Unedited Version)

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  1. This is shameless pandering designed to boost your number of daily hits. I am appalled. Now come up with an idea for me to do the same. :wink

  2. Hey, anything that takes me from 100 hits a day to 1000 can’t be all bad. The thing is, I think Camille is the one doing all the searching for the Miller Lite girls! Hmmm….

  3. i’ve seen some commercials with the miller light cat fight girls fighting for wrestle mania. do u know where i can find sthese commercials?

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