Isn’t there anything going on?

Sometimes I get email from people who are occasional visitors to the site (well, I presume their occasional visitors) who ask me, “Why haven’t you posted anything today?” The answer to that question, however, is not always as simple as it would seem.

Sometimes I just get feel really tired and I don’t want to go post. Maybe I just don’t feel like sharing on a particular day. There’s also a better than zero chance that I may be having too much fun surfing other people’s weblogs to actually sit still and type my own doings. Other times, I just have no muse.

But, if you come to the website and there’s nothing new to see, it’s mostly likely because…

master has forgotten to wind the hand crank on the music box that makes me dance.

5 thoughts on “Isn’t there anything going on?”

  1. You would be amazed at the ridiculous emails I get, C.

    Merrin, you are the aforementioned “master” who is supposed to be hand-cranking my music box. Wait…that sounds dirty. Oh well. Whatever.

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