I’ll take “Torment My Wife” for 1,000, Alex

Dude, I am so busted. Merrin has finally come clean on my extreme acts of marital terrorism.

Yes, I admit it. Proudly. I can torment my wife just by humming or softly singing the chorus to any of a thousand songs. She can’t help but pick up on them and –for the next day or so– just be slave to the “Groundhog Day” of having that song repeat over and over again in her mind. It’s not my fault completely. It wouldn’t work if she didn’t know so many brutally addictive songs.

For example, I just hum a little, “Wake me up, Before you go-go,” and she’s off to the races with Wham! reverberating inside her head. It could last for days. Generally, I’ll rescue her by resetting it with another equally painful song. For example: Starship’s “We Built this City”, “Who Let the Dogs Out”, Lionel Ritchie’s “Three Times a Lady”, just about any BeeGees song, or any one of a thousand others. It doesn’t have to be a terrible song, just an incredibly catchy song.

I’m pretty sure you can play this little game with friends and co-workers, so those of you who aren’t married can enjoy it. Heck, you might even be able to play it with your blog readers! Let’s see here: “You…light up my life…you give me hope….”

Yep, you can play it with blog readers. Don’t panic. Come back in a few days and I’ll give you another! Just don’t tell my heart, my achy-breaky heart. :wink

7 thoughts on “I’ll take “Torment My Wife” for 1,000, Alex”

  1. Egads… I got “Three Times A Lady” stuck in my head just a minute ago from reading Merrin’s blog. Then I came back here to post a comment about the catfight commercial post and found that you admit to planting that in her head before. So now I’m thinking somehow I am a victim of your treachery, too.

    This is just not right…

  2. Damn you, Texas Boy! If it wasn’t bad enough that you were pimpin’ the catfights, now this….

    Lahlahlahlahlahlahalahlahallhallahaalah…I cannn’t heeeeaarrr youuuuuu!


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