“I’d like to thank the Academy.”

Merrin is watching the Oscars. I’m boycotting the Oscars in favor of watching the news.

My only thought for the night is that the military might be putting the kibosh on some of the embedded reports since last night’s live video feed near Umm Qasr and the Benedict Arnold grenade toss last night. Yesterday we were seeing live shots of every Marine that stopped his truck to take a leak. Tonight there’s nary an embedded report to be seen.

I like the idea of the embedded reporters being able to send live feeds shortly after events happen, but I confess to being a little paranoid that enemy commanders can learn a lot from these TV reports.

That being said, there was something almost SNL about ABC’s “wetpants” Richard Engel version of “Shock and Awe” versus Nic Robertson’s Gene Kelly impersonation.

3 thoughts on ““I’d like to thank the Academy.””

  1. Hi Kevin
    You have a very interesting and informative blog going on here. Congratulations. I’m 21 from Brazil and I just wanted to say even though I’m not american nor have any kind of american roots I support the U.S. troops out there, be it in Iraq or in any other place on Earth where they are fighting against terrorism. Lots of people are supporting them, too bad the TV news around the world are not interested in showing that.
    Keep up the good work, you make a difference.

  2. ((giggle))

    Tina, I’m glad you’re behind me on this one. I never watch ’em either, so boycott was definitely tongue in cheek. :smile

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