How to upgrade your Tivo’s Hard Drive

There are a lot of people out there that would like to upgrade the hard drive on their DVR. Well, one of the absolute best resources is Hinsdale. Heck, he’ll even do it for ya if you’re a know nothing.

Upgrading your Tivo hard drive is easy if you follow these simple steps.

A couple of caveats:

  1. This is not supported by Tivo or DirecTV. In fact, if you open your Tivo, it voids the warranty. You might want to think twice before you go further.
  2. The Tivo is a essentially a Linux computer. To upgrade, you will need a computer that can boot to the CD-rom. If your computer can’t boot to CD, stop here. Game over
  3. Again with the Linux, all the instructions to upgrade are sent to the Tivo via Linux. It’s not hard, but it might be unlike what you’ve seen before on your computer.
  4. This involves opening your computer and your Tivo. It’s not hard, but you do need to exercise caution. Upgrading is not for everyone

OK, with that being said: UPGRADE YOUR TIVO HARD DRIVE

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  1. I have a Philips DVR which I added a hard drive to the original. The unit has crashed after a year. I do not mind buying another DVR box. Can I copy the information from my Philips hard drives onto the new box assuming that the unit is not operable?

  2. Heck, he’ll even do it for ya if you’re a know nothing

    looking for some one to upgrade my tivo 1 to max recording time 2 drives and add the net card
    and all the hacks
    please email me with your reply

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