How do I verify who is my long distance provider?

When we moved, we had to change local phone companies from SBC to Verizon. In doing so, all of our long distance and local toll access over to Verizon. This was not what we wanted or intended, but that’s besides the point. :wink

Upon reconnecting our long distance and local toll service with our preferred provider, I came across two (toll free) numbers to use and verify who is your provider for long distance and who is your provider for local toll calls.

If you need to verify who is the long distance carrier, you can use these numbers (toll free) from anywhere in the country:

Long Distance Verification: 1-700-555-4141 (toll free)
Local Toll Verification: 1-area code-700-4141 (toll free)

One more note, you must make these calls from your own phone, otherwise you’ll get information that relates to the phone number placing the call.