Even cheaper Netflix?

We’ve gone back & forth with Netflix, the OUTSTANDING online DVD rental company, as to what plan is right for us. Some months we’re a 3-4 movies at a time kinda family, some months we’re a 2 movies at a time kinda family.

Today, and really for no reason in particular because I HIGHLY recommend Netflix, I was going through our account information and I clicked on the “Cancel My Account” link. I was really more interested in the terms of cancelling than anything, I guess. I don’t think I had the intention of cancelling. (Merrin would kill me!)

Anyway, I clicked on the “Cancel My Account” link and a “Please don’t leave us” screen came up. I was offered a special retention deal where the Economy plan (2 DVDs at a time) was reduced from the customer $13.95/month to $10.95/month. Long story short, I took them up on the offer.

Odds are we’ll probably end up back at the 3 or 4 movies out level again later in the year, but I just thought I would pass along the savings idea to some of you. I don’t know if you would get the same offer if you were already on the Economy plan, but it might be worth it to try. Heck, saving $36/year is $36/year!

4 thoughts on “Even cheaper Netflix?”

  1. It’s been roughly 3 months since you posted the above entry. Are you still on the $10.95 plan? If so, how does the service compare to when you were paying $13.95 per month? I thought they discontinued the 2 DVD plan – is it being offered as a downgrade option only, or for new customers?

  2. I’m still on the 2 plan. I can only say that it was offered to me under the described circumstances. Not sure about new members, downgrades, etc. I was cancelling and it was offered. Clearly it worked to keep me around.

  3. Hi, thanks for your response. I’m doing some market research to see what people like for my own, small company to see what we can afford to offer while still turning a fair profit. Do most of your DVDs arrive in playable condition?

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