What year is it?

Why do elections start so early? I don’t get it. Well, I say I don’t get it, but I really do. I’m a fairly savvy observer of politics and can read behind the lines on most issues.

What I don’t understand is why the Democrats are so gung-ho and gearing up for the 2004 election? Umm. Didn’t you just get spanked three months ago?

But the Dems have little/no shame so they’re heading out in force to try to nibble away at Bush little by little. Truth? Who needs it?!

Well, not Senator John Edwards of North Carolina. “We should never doubt this. This is the Bush recession. He owns it and we should hold him responsible for it,” Edwards said in Iowa. Just one problem with the assessment is that the United States is not in recession.

Patriotism? Support for our troops? Liberation for the Iraqis? Overthrow of a menacing dictator? All hog wash according to Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, an old-style liberal who is filing papers to enter the race Wednesday, continued his long-held refrain that President Bush wants to go to war to achieve his own personal glory.

Right now there are no fewer than eight presidential candidates for the Dems. And my, won’t they make you proud?! Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, civil rights activist Al Sharpton, former Illinois Sen. Carol Mosely Braun, Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri, Conn. Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

Is there hope on the Democratic horizon? Florida Sen. Bob Graham? former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart? Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware? Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut?

The Democrats just don’t get it. It’s not who you roll out there – it truly isn’t. The problem for the Dems is what do they stand for? Seriously – you can’t simple be opposed to everything Bush is doing. That’s not a strategy.

Like it or not, Bush has done and is doing what Presidents do: he is leading. You may not agree with where he’s headed, but he is leading – and the country is following.