Answer: Yes. But life has to slow down first.
Question: Are you still gonna do that blog thing?

So this is my first “normal” weekend in like…3 or 4 weeks. Maybe longer, now that I think about it. Everything was thrown off since…well, Thanksgiving really. Since then we’ve been selling a house, packing, not selling a house, celebrating Christmas, selling a house, packing, buying a house, packing, not buying a house yet still packing, selling a house, buying a house, not buying a house, buying a house, unpacking to use the boxes as shelter since we have no house, packing, buying a house, moving, buying a house (seriously, this time!), moving, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking and unpacking. In summary, we’ve been kinda busy.

But things get back to “normal” this weekend.

Today I’m doing some of my husband projects with, like, tools and stuff. Hopefully I won’t break the house or anything. Later this morning I’m driving to Fort Worth to meet with Vicki and do some of the WinnersAll.com updates. I’ve also got to look at her laptop because she can’t receive email on it. Probably not set up properly, so that should be an easy fix.

Merrin is working tonight, so I guess I’ll be watching a movie or desperately trying to repair/hide whatever I have broken in the house while “improving” it.

I got to say this suburb thing is really wierding me out. Last night, all the husbands up & down the street were cutting the grass. Huh?? First, it’s February. You can cut the grass 100 times or not at all and it won’t look any different. Why? The grass is not growing — it’s winter. Second, it’s FRIDAY NIGHT, people. Finally, it’s Valentine’s Day! Do you really think you’re wife wants you cutting the grass?!

Maybe the neighborhood husbands have heard of my landscaping prowess and are just trying to get a jump on me before Spring rolls around. Who knows? But I can tell you this: I’m not cutting the grass until Spring (or until Merrin tells me to), whichever comes first.

This week was a fairly normal week. Yesterday was a little eventful, but I’m not going to post about that right now. Maybe later – maybe not. Just depends. We’ll see.

My goals for the weekend:
1) Get a haircut.

2) Replace the insane locking mechanism on the door to the garage. Whoever thought that a double-cylinder dead bolt and a dummy handle was a good idea for the garage entrance is a baffoon. As it stands now, you can’t even get that door to close unless you key-lock the dead bolt. Insane. I agree with the whole dead bolt concept on the exterior doors, but a dummy handle? What if I just want to go out to the garage for say…60 seconds? Right now my options are dead bolt the door or leave it open. D-U-M-B.

3) Mix in a few “honey-do” projects to make the wife happy: new robe hook in the bathroom (yawn), hang a few pictures (yawn), finish organizing the office (yikes!), and not do anything at all that would mess up or dirty her nice new house.

4) WinnersAll.com updates. No telling what kind of gauntlet that might be. I know there are some updates coming, I just don’t know what they have in store for me.

5) Relax. I plan to spend at least two to three hours doing NOTHING but goofing off. If you see me online, MSN chat me!

6) Call my grandparents. I haven’t talked to them at all since we moved. I suck. I am a bad grandkid.

That’s it for now. Catch ya later!

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