Valentine’s Day is coming up. Generally that means paying a FORTUNE to have flowers delivered to my wife at her office. She loves it and I guess I kinda like it too. The sending the flowers part, that is, not the over paying.

So this year, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday. I was kinda nervous because Merrin generally takes Fridays off. So, I was worried that the whole flower thing would be shot. However, in an interesting and ironic twist, it just so happens that Merrin is working this Friday (Valentine’s Day). Hmmm. Oliver Stone should check into this, I think.

So during the big move-in, I bring up the subject to try to 1) feel out what she might be wanting and 2) to determine if she would be working. Well, Merrin has decided that she doesn’t want flowers this year. While I suspect she wouldn’t mind if I sent flowers, what she really wants is a new bed set for the guest room.

Knowing that we just spent like a bajillion dollars to buy this house, I cannot do flowers and bedding. This places me in a very difficult position and I’d appreciate your sage comments.

Do I do what my wife says she wants and opt for the bedding & not send flowers? Or, do I send the flowers so she gets the attention in her office that she loves but she insists she doesn’t want and forgo the bedding?

Finally, for those of you not celebrating this year: notsosoft.com :: be my anti-valentine

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  1. Would you have the time to take the flowers to her office yourself? Cash and carry flowers are usually not that expensive – even around v’day. We were at Sam’s club yesterday and they had a bouquet of 25 roses for $25.66. There were also some beautiful lilies, irises and calla lillies for less than $10.

    We also have a place that supplies flowers to most of Columbus’s florists. You can get really beautiful and exotic stuff dirt cheap there. Maybe there’s a spot like that near you?

    If that doesn’t work, I’d go for bedding now. YOu can always do flowers for no reason at all sometime during the year.

  2. I was thinking pretty much the same thing Angela was. Get the bedding, but then maybe go buy her some inexpensive flowers and surprise her with them. For me its not really the *show* at work that matters, as much as it is that my husband took the time to think of me and show it. Who cares what other people think? It’s not about them. Its about the two of you. HEB Central Market has nice flowers, or maybe you could check out proflowers.com. They don’t come arranged in a vase, but they’re beautiful flowers that last over a week.

  3. My experience with Proflowers.com has been a mixed bag – at best. One delivery was great. The next was all wilted. They replaced the flowers with some kinda so-so ones (as I remember), but I wasn’t thrilled.

    As far as in-person delivery goes, I think that’s going to be out of the question. The logistics are just too extreme.

    So far, it’s bedding 2, flowers 0. Anyone else with a thought?

  4. Hi Kevin…. I have a thought… how about buying a rosebush or two(or her favorite flowers)to plant at the new house? That way you could snip her roses for years. If roses aren’t for sale,yet, at the Garden Centers, get a gift certificate for her. Plant the roses when the time is right. And get the Bedding now. (Merrin you are not peeking are you?)

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