I love my new commute

The #1 reason we moved was to reduce my commute from 1.5 hours each way to 20 minutes each way. Before today, it was the perfect plan. And then Mother Nature stepped in.

Apparently when the D/FW area is blanketed under ice, sleet, & snow, my short little 20 minute commute is 2 hours and 52 minutes. 18 miles in 2 hours and 52 minutes. For those of you without a degree in math, that works out to:

7 mph

Can you believe that? 7 mph? In a car? This winter storm stuff has got to get the hell out of town! Yesterday afternoon it was in the 60s! But, this is Texas and the weather will change back just as fast. Don’t believe me? Thursday’s forecast is 52 degrees and Saturday is a gorgeous 63 degrees.

And, since we’re talking about the weather, what the hell is this forecast from the Weather Channel supposed to mean?

Thunder Snow?

When all else fails, quote Buffett:


7 thoughts on “I love my new commute”

  1. Oh my gosh! Kristine Kahanek said “thunder snow” tonight too! We laughed at her!! Apparently when its snowing and you hear thunder, you get “thunder snow”. WTF?! Did they just coin that term today?

  2. I was talking to my Dad tonight to check in (note: it is not snowing in FL) and he said he’s actually seen Thunder Snow before. So, while I’ll accept that the Weather Channel didn’t invent the term tonight, I still think it would make a better name for a musical group than a weather event. 🙂

  3. One more update: 230 closings have been reported for tomorrow. So, think I’m going to work? Umm…. At this point, I’m not sure. I definately won’t be there @ 7:30a, but I’ll play it by ear. Maybe I’ll get a snow day after all!

  4. Hmmm. This snow day idea is looking better and better for tomorrow. We have 2.5 inches of ice outside the house. No chance of it getting above freezing tomorrow, so…will I be able to stay home tomorrow?

    I’ve got three Netflix and a TiVo full of great shows to catch up on. Before I go to bed, should I say a little prayer for a snow day?

  5. I’ve just come across you from Working Mom. I couldn’t believe it when you said you lived in Texas with all that snow. I’m in France and doing a project on the U.S. with my pupils at the moment. Why are they so fascinated with Texas?? This will be an extre bit of real news for them. Thanks

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