Virus Hoaxes

Just a quick word about emails you might receive that are “warnings” about a potential virus. It’s always a good idea to treat them with diligence. For example, the AOL4FREE virus began after a hoax existed for several years. As a rule, never open email from strangers and never open attachments. Save them and scan them, if need be, but never open attachments.

I strongly, strongly, strongly, strongly (ad infinitum) recommend AVG, a free virus scanner from They continually update the definitions and scan engine. And, again for emphasis, it’s free. Download it early and often.

Another good resource for virus information is and their virus hoaxes center or F-Secure, makers of F-Prot.

If you think an email you receive may be a legitimate virus concern, do yourselves & your friends a favor – check it out. Mad props to my ever vigilant M-I-L who always filters these messages through me so we can run down the truth before she forwards the info.