The New House

Since Merrin is feeling 1% better, she wanted to get out of the house. We had originally thought we might go see a movie. Since we’re trying to save all our money before the move, we thought we’d head up to Grapevine because they have a Cinemark theater and I have a $100 gift card. We figured we’d catch some lunch and then hit the theater.

After lunch (mmm…Steak & Shake…mmm), we check the watches and we’re at 45 minutes early for the movie. I suggested we swing by the new house and maybe take a better look around the yard. Maybe we could get a few pictures.

Driving up into Flower Mound is something of an experience. It is the suburbs — master planned to the hilt. Every yard is just so. Every sign is just so. The parks/green space are neatly centered with four subdivisions on each side. Every family has it’s 2.5 kids. It’s a little like Pleasantville. But, I gotta tell ya, I’m really excited to move there. While we don’t have any kids just yet, perhaps they’ll be delivered in by the neighborhood welcome wagon. :smile

Anyway, here’s a picture of the new house. It’s not a very good one, so I’ll do better next time we’re up there! WE CLOSE IN 12 DAYS!! YAHOOTIE!

Our New House

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