The Great Move 2003

In the words of the great, St. Jimmy (btw — see ya next weekend in Tampa, J.B!), I’m incommunicado after this posting.

We are buying the house of our dreams tomorrow. :grin

With buying the new house comes moving and that begins in earnest tonight. Unfortunately, I will have to unplug the computer. I just hope I remember how! But seriously, the moving schedule is really tight and Merrin & I are both going to be out of touch for a few days.

Once we get moved, we’ll get some new pictures posted in the Photo Album and (I’m sure!) have lots of moving horror stories to tell.

Thank you all for all your incredible support. The kind words of “strangers” has meant so much to both of us. Although we’ve never met many of you, you are our friends and we both appreciate your support through all of this.

Until I see ya again, if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me!

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    House is on hold ’till Monday. I think Merrin is going to disembowel our mortgage broker. If she does, I’ll post the pics here! :smile

    So tonight, we’re moving into our nice, cozy storage unit.

    Extra thanks to the mother-in-law for taking us in for the weekend (or so we hope!)

  2. I am not a violent person. I am not a violent person. I am not a violent person.
    This has been my mantra over the last 24 hours, and although I am struggling mightily to believe it, I fear there is no truth in the statement. Bring me Jimmy’s head on a platter, NOW!

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