Stress much?

So my stress level is going all the way up to previously unrecorded highs. The closing on the two houses is this coming week and lots of things are still slipping into place. There is only so work you can do, and the rest is left in the hands of the other folks.

For example, the appraiser came out to do the house we’re selling yesterday. This is one of the key linchpins in the whole process. You may remember me saying that we’re got a really good price when we sold the house, right? Well, that’s just my opinion. And I don’t count. The only guy who matters is the appraiser. So what’s he think? Oh, we won’t know for a few days. Never mind that we close on Wednesday. If he doesn’t think our existing house is up to the purchase price (which it should be), then we’re all in a pickle. But like I said, we won’t know until RIGHT BEFORE WE FREAKIN’ CLOSE. GRR!

On the new house side, we’re still waiting for the lender to get all the paperwork together and get it out to the title company so we can buy the new house. My mortgage agent says that it “should” be there on time.” Wow! I’m really relieved to hear that. NOT! Don’t say “should be there on time.” I already know it should be there on time. What I want to know is will it be there on time?! Yes? No? Anybody?

Want to ratchet up the stress a little more? How ’bout this simple question: Do you go ahead and transfer all your utilities/services without knowing for certain that the appraisal is going to come back correct or if your mortgage is going to be completed in time to close? Think about it. You’ve got these two huge, out-of-your-hands processes which will shape your future. So, do you plan that both will work out? Both will work against you? One will be OK but not the other? (And which one?)

I’m telling ya! I just wish some of these people would do these things a little further in advance. I don’t want to wait until the day before or ((gulp)) the day of to know that it is OK/not OK to sell my house on Wednesday. Is that so much to ask? And I’d like to know that my mortgage paperwork is finished and ready to sign before I go ahead and sell my existing home. Does that make me a bad person?

I remember seeing the end of my rope pass by a few days ago, so I know for certain that I’m way, way past that. I just have to keep telling myself, “Just survive the week. Just survive. Just survive.”

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