New House Pictures

So we ventured out into the snow (yes, I said snow!) with kin in tow to take some pictures of the new house. Some of the pictures are good, some suck – but that’s what you get when you hire an amatuer! A bunch of the pictures are just too dark to really see anything.

Here’s a couple of the better ones, but if you want the real deal you’ll just have to come out to Flower Mound and visit.

Front of the House

Living Room

Formal Dining


Breakfast Area

Merrin’s Garden Tub in Master Bath

More Master Bath

Only five more days to go!!

4 thoughts on “New House Pictures”

  1. Nice house… Thanks for sharing the pics. And hang in there you,two. The closing and moving ordeal will be over before you know it. 🙂

  2. OH! I LOVE that bathroom. That’s the one of the things I missed out on with our new house… the seperated Shower and Bath… oh well – one of these days well RENOVATE! 😀

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