Miller Lite Catfight Commercial

First there was the Coors Light Twins commercials. Those were a terrible distraction from the football games. Now the whole nation (or at least the male population) is talking about the Miller Lite Catfight commercials. Now I can’t run to the fridge to get a beer because I have to stick near the TV to catch a glimpse of the commercails!

Anyway, for those who haven’t seen it (and for those who can’t get enough), the Miller Lite Catfight commercial is available on the Miller Lite website. Wanna know more about the ladies in the commercial?

Check out these websites:

“The Brunette” a.k.a. KitanaBaker
“The Blonde” a.k.a. Tonya Ballinger

(NOTES: The Kitana Baker website is her modeling portfolio. Some risque photos might be inappropriate. Tonya Ballinger does not have a website just yet.)

Still need more of the Miller Light Catfight girls? Stuff magazine has a pictorial planned for this summer. Stay tuned (to the commercials!)

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