I was jealous

I’ll admit it: I was jealous of alll those Winamp users who included their playlists on their weblogs. Sure I could have downloaded Winamp and done the same myself, but I don’t like Winamp enough to download it and I certainly don’t like it enough to actually use it.

Finally, there is an alternative I can live with. The new Windows Media Player 9 supports the SongWriter plugin. With Windows Media 9 and SongWriter, I can upload “Now Playing” list to my weblog. SongWriter offers an ASP output or a text output that can be automatically uploaded your playlist to your webserver via FTP. You can configure the output to include album art (in two sizes!), artist, album, song, writer, year, etc, etc, etc. The next version will offer a XML export, so that should give us even more flexibility. Visit the SongWriter website for more info and screenshots.

So, if you want to upload your “NOW PLAYING” information from Windows Media Player, I suggest downloading Windows Media 9 and the SongWriter plugin.

To see my implementation of this gem, check the “NOW PLAYING” section of the link bar over there.

7 thoughts on “I was jealous”

  1. OK, so there is a drawback to this whole “functionality” thing…now I have to go through and assign album art to 1600 mp3s!

  2. YAHOOTIE!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to some php pointers on how to pull a text file into an array, I’ve got the SongWriter doing what I kinda want it to now. Using the $varname function I’m now pulling the Artist Name, Album Title, & Song title into a table and linking them to an Advanced Search through B&N.com. It works for me and makes me :smile , so hopefully you like it too!

    Email me if I can help! Thanks (again & again), Jennifer!

  3. Nice site Kevin. I like what you did with SongWriter. I can’t get it to work right. 🙁 Do you mind emailing your code to me? Thanks!

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