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I need your help. I need you to read this and post your comments by clicking the little “COMMENTS” link at the bottom of this post. Yes, I mean you.

Here’s the deal. We have DSL at this house. The new house can’t get DSL. So we’re thinking that we’ll have to get cable in order to have broadband. I have no experience with high-speed cable internet. I’ve read all I can at broadbandreports.com, but I’m looking for your real world experiences.

Do you have cable internet? Please take a second and tell me about your experiences. Some of the things I would like to know are: What type of speed do you get? Who is your provider? How would you rate the service? Is cable better than DSL?

Thank you for helping me out!

11 thoughts on “High Speed Internet Help”

  1. Oh, goodness. You girls are making me nervous. So cable is worse than DSL (which I have & can’t get @ the new place). Great. That figures. Perfect house and crappier internet.

    Anybody else had experiences with cable?

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Camille. I told Merrin today to start shopping realtor.com for a new house! 😉

    Just kidding. Mostly.

  3. I will never blog again in the absence of high-speed internet. I’d rather pluck out my eyelashes than live at the mercy of dial-up.

  4. What type of speed: 1MB down, 256k up (Answer provided by hubby)
    Provider: AT&T Broadband
    Cable is not better than DSL, you get what you pay for. But it’s not bad either… It’s still highspeed access. I’ve been perfectly happy with it. My hubby has been thinking about investigating DSL, but I could really care less either way.

  5. In most places, cable is much faster and more reliable than DSL. You don’t mess with all the PPP crap, and the constant outages due to SBC trying to be an ISP instead of a phone company and overloading their network traffic. Everyone I know who has cable is very happy with it, and in many cases it approaches or exceeds T1 speeds. If your connection is too slow, just call the cable company and explain you are a Web Developer who telecommutes – they will bump you up to the top of the queue.

  6. I’ve got Roadrunner. I’m extremely happy with it. I just did a speed test: 1121kbps down; 98kbps up. The up speed from the test sounds a lot slower than I remember, though. It’s true that it gets a little slower when traffic is high, but it never gets *slow*. It’s always fast.

    I’ve never had DSL, but I’ve heard people complain about that more than I’ve heard people complain about cable.

    I’ve had cable for over 3 years now. It’s only gone out 2 times that I remember specifically. Usually during storms. Maybe a couple more times. It’s rare! 🙂

    Good luck!

  7. I was going to tell you exactly what everyone else said… With cable, you share your pipe. So, if your neighbors happen to get cable, you’re sharing it with them. DSL is better in my opinion.

    That said, we have cable. (Not my choice.) We have Comcast for about 6 months now. We’ve only had a few minor problems here and there, and they’re pretty good about customer service.

    Good luck!

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