Hey Web Searcher!

OK. Somehow I have managed to vault myself towards the top of the search engines and gained a whole new audience: Miller Light Catfight Commercial fans. Ever since I posted the info on the commercial, I’ve been flooded with hits for “Miller Lite Catfight” or hits from it’s stars “Tonya Ballinger” and “Kitana Baker”.

You think I’m kidding? Try it yourself! I’m #1 on MSN for “Miller Lite Catfight” and huge on Google for “Tonya Ballinger”. Lucky for me that there are enough nude/porn pictures of “Kitana Baker” to keep me relegated & out of that web search. (Of course, I guess I shouldn’t talk to much about it or I might stay at the top!)

OK, world. You want the Miller Catfight Commercial? You want Tonya Ballinger? You want Kitana Baker? Well…you got.

My Original Post
Watch Miller Lite Catfight Commercial Online
More info on “The Blonde” a.k.a. Tonya Ballinger
Visit the website of “The Brunette” a.k.a. Kitana Baker

As I said previously, some of the pictures and info on these websites are for “mature” audiences. Exercise your own best judgement.

For everyone else who comes here because they are a fan of the site, read on.

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  1. Dear God. I cna’t believe you’re proud of that. Then again, I’m number one on Google for “Is John Mayer gay”. To each his own, I suppose.:tongue

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