What the hell?! We’ve been in this house just over three years. I spent half the day yesterday packing and going through existing boxes in our garage. What I can’t figure out is why in the hell did we keep some of the stuff that’s out there for three years? I mean, honestly, I’m at a point in my life where if I need a ream of paper, I go to the store and buy a ream of paper. Why in the name of Zeus would I pack half a ream of paper and leave it in my garage for three years?!

My only explanation is that, at the time, we were so dirt poor that we held onto everything. And there are LOTS of great examples of this out there in boxes.

My wife likes to keep little mementos. Admittedly, I do too. But which one of us thought it was so touching to hang onto 12 wire hangers? 12 wire hangers…in a box…in the garage…for three years. Huh? We have so many hangers in the house that we RECYCLE them back to the dry cleaners, but we needed to pack, move, and store those 12 hangers for three years? Did we expect a worldwide shortage? Was there a pending hanger epidemic in 1999?

Plastic cup from MickyD’s? Better keep that – you can never have too many cups, so three years later I’ve got to trash a box with probably 50 plastic cups. Now I know we used to have some plastic cups in the house, so what were these cups that were never unpacked? The “good” set that you use for really special occasions?

A lot of stuff in the garage is not worth keeping and certainly not worth trying to sell for a nickel in a garage sell, so it’s going in the trash. Gone. Good riddance!

There are a lot of boxes with some great stuff in them. I found one box of Merrin’s with some stuffed animals she’s had all her life. She’s keeping them to give to our kids. I love that about her. I also found several cards and letters she had kept from me when we lived in separate towns. I found a folder with emails that one of us had printed out and kept from when we first started dating. Cool.

I found a folder with all of Abby‘s birth and registry information. Turns out she’s going to be nine in February. That little dog and I have been through so much together. I thought she was going to be 10. Either way, you wouldn’t know it if you met her, that tail still goes non-stop, 100 miles an hour.

I found a lot of boxes with books. (Just what we need, more books, right? I swear we could open our own bookstore tomorrow and never have to restock!) In among them were Merrin’s old junior high and senior high year books. Cool. I also found a Bible that was given to me by my old church upon my confirmation. Inside was a letter that my Mom had written to me years and years ago as part of a church retreat. Also inside was the service program from my Grandfather’s funeral back in 1991. There are other Bibles in the house, but this one was the first that was my first. I’m really glad I found it.

Of course, now all the good stuff has gotta go back in boxes for the move, but — this time — only for a few weeks.

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