For all my Democrat friends

It never ceases to amaze when my liberal, Democrat friends ( & wife ) say things like, “Bush has put the budget into a huge deficit.”

Well, apparently the deficit isn’t big enough for the Democrats. Last night the Republican Senate approved the $390 billion package. Democrats wanted to add extra $500 billion into the budget. Of course, they would have blamed the increased deficit on Bush, but what else is new?

The new budget bill increases federal aid to education by more than 10 percent and provides relief for doctors facing cuts in Medicare payments, farmers suffering from drought and financially strapped states. All the while, the Republican budget cut by about 2.9% to offset the increases in education, farm aid, and medical assistance.

Don’t worry, my Democrat friends, you can always add more spending later in the year. You simply missed your first big chance. Cutting spending and improving aid, gotta love the Republican Congress! :wink