Big News?

There is a vicious rumor running amok that we could have a big, house-related announcement coming at the end of the week. I can’t really talk about ’cause I might jinx it, so you’ll just have to draw your own conclusions. Suffice to say, I’m a very happy boy, but I’m not saying another word until “later in the week”.

If you’re catching the tail end of this discussion, check these previous posts:


Seriously! I’m not kidding! My lips are sealed until “later in the week”. :wink

6 thoughts on “Big News?”

  1. Technically, I haven’t said anything. Those are graphics. You can draw your own conclusions (at your own risk, of course) ‘cuz my lips are sealed.

  2. Well, why the hell say anything, dammit!?! (*>:O) heheheheh!

    I wish you would tell already. I’m going to get a damn ulcer wondering… I feel it forming. You are mean. Mean. So unfair. It’s in my nature to be nosey.

    Men. Sheese. Merrin! Help! Merrin! You can tell meeeeee! I’ll keep it a secret! *;)

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