This just happened….

An actual conversation with my wife:

Merrin: What’s up with Robyn?
Kevin: Umm. Robyn?
M: Robyn. Tampa Tantrum. You know!
K: Oh, yeah! Of course. I don’t know today. She was still trying to straighten out that stalker guy, but I’m not sure – haven’t read it. Why?
M: Just wondering.
K: ((thought to myself)) Shit! We are now having actual conversations that begin, “What’s up with Robyn?” Damn! My wife is addicted to the internet! My wife is addicted to blogs! Hey….Wait a minute….Robyn is supposed to be my posting/email “friend”!

Anyway, shout out to Robyn. You’re now a regular topic of conversation. In and of itself, it seems weird. We’ve never met. However, in the world today, this doesn’t seem this weird. We kinda feel like we know ya. We like ya. So – yeah – what’s up with Robyn?


2 thoughts on “This just happened….”

  1. As far as I know, there is not a 12-step program for blogs, and even if there was, I would not join. Might I also point out that it was you, Kevin, who created this monster, and you who continues to foster it. That makes you an enabler. See? I can talk the talk, but you can’t make me walk the walk! :smile

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