This Christmas Stuff is EASY!

I kinda sorta have a reputation when it comes to Christmas. Certain members of my family (my wife, mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, etc) seem to believe that I have patience of a two year old when it comes to Christmas presents.

The reason for the bad rep? I just happen to think it’s not necessary to wait until December 25th to open your presents. And –come on– are you really that certain that Jesus was born on December 25th?? Isn’t it possible it was the 24th?? or 23rd?? What about today??

See what I mean!

Well, my family can rest easy. I don’t have to open the Christmas presents early this year. (I think everyone will be proud at how I’ve “grown up” at age 29!)

My secret? The Santa Shaker

Turns out I’m getting a pony!! :wink