Thank you Radio Shack

So, the HP — which is rumored to have a new owner soon — decided to start it’s own rendition of U2‘s “Rattle & Hum”. I swore up and down that it had just eaten some bad burritos and had tummy problems. Turns out that my HP has not been to Taco Bell lately – so that theory was out.

I checked the power supply fan (it’s always the power supply fan, isn’t it?!) and that sucker was filthy. So I vacuumed out three plus years of dust. I fired it back up. It was still rattlin’ and shakin’ like an old Plymouth. So I stuck my knife in the blades. Fan was stopped and things were still rockin’ like a van at a drive-in movie. :sad

So, crack open the HP and check the processor fan. BINGO! A quick trip to Radio Shack and the HP is as smooth as silk. Thanks, Terri and Howie!

In related news, apparently I have become simile man. Well, technically I’ve become like simile man. :wink