Power shopping for your Christmas Lists

Like thousands of people, I braved the malls this weekend to do some “power shopping” for the people on my Christmas list. Merrin and I started the process way back around Halloween, but now that all the decorations are up in the mall, I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit.

This weekend I was able to completely finish the shopping for my side of the family. That’ right! 100% finished. YAHOOTIE! The gifts for my Mom & Dad, Brian & Courtney, Sonny & JoJo, and Mamaw are completely bought, wrapped, and ready to ship. They should go out this week. :smile

If you’re expecting a present and your name is not on the above list, don’t pout. We’re also finished shopping for M-I-L #1 Cheryl, Jack, Alex, and Grandmother. We still have a couple more gifts to go, but it looks like we’re going to finish before Christmas! (Don’t laugh – it hasn’t always been that way!)

I’ve made some progress on Merrin’s Christmas list. Well, actually I haven’t made any progress on her actual list, per se. But I’ve got three presents taken care of and two of them are wrapped and under the tree. She’s so funny because it’s been non-stop questioning ever since I put them out.

Can I open one? No. Can I have a hint? No. Does it have a cord? Enough. No hints. :smile

I can hear her now when she gets home today and reads this, “What? Three presents? Were did he hide the third?!” In the words of the terrible Brittany Murphy, “I’ll never tell.”