New Miss World is one smart cookie!

Miss Turkey wins Miss World Crown - CNN.comLooks like they sure picked a winner for the Miss World pageant. Why, you ask?

Upon receiving the crown, Miss Turkey said, “I think it is good for a woman to have this position, and I hope I can make a difference.”

OK — umm, Miss World chick — you’re right: It is good for a woman to be Miss World because it’s the freakin’ MISS WORLD PAGEANT!! If a woman wasn’t Miss World, that would be really bad. Watch out folks, we’ve got a real thinker on our hands.

And it’s not just brains for the new Miss World — oh no. Her hobbies on her candidate profile are: drawing, reading and playing the German flute. <bad joke>On a related note (??), Miss Turkey received the highest marks from the German judges. </bad joke> :devil

So how wheels off is the Miss World pagent? Well, the web site hardly works – but that’s OK because some of the contestants aren’t ready for prime time anyway. For example, Miss Spain apparently shot some of her photos with her webcam. Another sign that the contest is a train wreck: Karate Kid III spare Sean Kanan was one of the presenters.

Needless to say, I didn’t watch the contest, but maybe I should have — just for research for you, my beloved reader. Anyway, in conducting my online research, I came across strong showings from several of America’s allies, especially Australia. (Note to wife: Just doing my part against the war on terror!)

Good night, all. I better turn off the computer before I get myself in trouble! :wink

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