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The following message purports to be from actor Sean Kanan. I can’t vouch for it’s authenticity.

((Message begin))
Sender = sean kanan
submit_by =
message = Mr. Donahue, Normally I do not make it a habit to contact myopic turds such as yourself but for some reason your banal little assessment of me as a “train wreck” has moved me to do so. For third rate Monday morning QB such as yourself, you have a lot of balls. I hope we get the opportunity to meet sometime and discuss some of your views up close and personal. I wonder how outspoken and critical you would be face to face.
((Message end))

Umm. Thank you for the offer to discuss my views “up close and personal.” I’m sure your very busy with your career and all, so I guess we won’t have an opportunity to meet. Oh well. Secondly, I didn’t describe you as a train wreck. I said the Miss World pageant was a train wreck. I said you were a spare. See the difference?

I could dissect your email further, but – to be frank – I doubt the authenticity of the sender. If it is the real Sean, I’m sure he’ll email me back and tell me how long he spent in the hospital during KKIII and why.

No, I don’t suspect this message is from the real Sean Kanan, because I’m sure a soap star has better things to do than to spend time on a Macintosh 4 emailing me from an AOL account. But, just in case it really was you, Sean, thanks for stopping in. Give my best to your sister-in-law (1, 2, 3)

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