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So I’m going nuts for a week because I cannot get the status bar to appear by default when I launch Internet Explorer. There must be a fix, right? You betch ya!

To make the status bar appear whenever you open Internet Explorer:

1) With (only one) IE open, click View, select: Status Bar
2) Right-click on IE’s Toolbar and select: “Lock the Toolbar”
3) Hold down the Ctrl key and click the close button (upper right)
4) Open Windows Explorer, click View, select: Status Bar
5) Right-click on Explorer’s Toolbar and select: “Lock the Toolbar”
6) Click Tools | Folder Options | View tab
7) Click the “Apply to all folders” button.
8) Hold down the Ctrl key and click the close button (upper right)
9) Open IE to any page, right-click on a link and select: “Open in New Window”
10)Verify that these Registry entries exist:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

UPDATE: Further details on how to make the status bar appear in Internet Explorer.

start regedit (Start > Run > regedit )
go to HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
select “Show_StatusBar”
go to ‘Permissions…’ from Edit menu
click ‘Advanced’
find your user name in the list & click ‘edit’ button
put a check next to ‘Set value’ under ‘Deny’

Hat Tip: AuctionHugh

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  1. HI, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. i was so DAMN angry with windows and IE ….. it is a very pityful program i must say. but thansk for getting this bar back up

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  3. WOW MAN ! Where did you find it ? Microsoft has done again a great thing. Why they do not build a fix for it ? Bastards.

    Thanks again

  4. Gee, this is so intuitive. I don’t know why I didn’t figure it out on my own! Thanks for cracking the code and getting rid of this stupid bug.

  5. Thanks so much! I don’t know why this was so aggravating, but it was…. You’ve been a big help!

  6. Hi!

    I don’t mean to say what you’re saying is wrong, but here’s my traditional way to set all Explorer defaults (including size and positioning, arrange settings, status bar, everything):

    1. Close all Explorer instances;
    2. Start My Computer;
    3. Set everything you want (repeat, including window size and status bar);
    4. Close My Computer without browsing the computer or anything.

    That did it for me.

  7. Bogdan – I agree, there are several ways to do it. If someone where to use your method (which has a few more steps than shown here – btw), the status bar would show in every EXPLORER window, including Internet Explorer.

    The tip shown above implements the status bar in INTERNET EXPLORER only so that user can maintain their settings in the other Explorer windows.


  8. Is it possible to “lock” these settings in? I’ve done this a couple of times, but inevitably after a couple of weeks some random factor has made things go back to normal, and I have to find these instructions and set it up again.

  9. okay this doesn’t help me. I don’t have ANY menu bars. i’m talking
    NOTHING. I can’t get File, Edit, anything. what do I do?
    I know there’s a fix i just can’t find the F-in thing!


  10. Thank you very much!

    By the way, have you tried MyIE 2.0? Really good… Give it a go! It takes the speed and tabbed browsing functionalities of Mozilla, adds it to Opera’s mouse gesture and combines it with IE compatibility and internet optimizations skills. Great browser:


  11. OK, I agree that all the above tips work, except for one case:

    When I have a browser window open and I hit Ctrl-N to open a new window (or go to File->New->Window), the window opens without a status bar. So, all my windows have status bars except for these new ones. I am a micrometer from switching to Linux. Any suggestions???


  12. I have a bad habit of Ctrl-Clicking to open links in new windows. And that damn status bar just keeps disappearing. Find myself typing Alt-V,B a hell of a lot.

    I’ve noticed that it tends to disappear just after a site uses the javascript‘’,’status=no’) method. Pop up ads do this a lot.

    What’s weird is that after using Kevin’s fix, the status bar will show up on the first new window that opens under with “status=no”. But then it goes missing from all subsequent new windows. You have to use the fix again.

    Just a thought: A good pop-up blocker might end some of your frustrations. One that uses a proxy to strip out code would probably work better than the kind that work by trapping new windows.

  13. It seems like you can get most of the way there just by choosing View->Status Bar in IE, then control-clicking the close button (thanks for that tip!). This makes a status bar appear when you open IE or right-click and open a link in a new window. But it doesn’t make a status bar appear when you type ctrl-N to get a new window. However, the other steps seem to make that work too. The key step seems to be ‘7) Click the “Apply to all folders” button’ after turning on the status bar in Windows Explorer (not IE). I’m sure deep in the bowels of Microsoft’s code, there’s a good reason for this.

  14. Nice one but obviously for random reasons the status bar disappears. The way around this might be to take the registry settings and place them in a .reg file so you can reload them next time the status bar disappears.

  15. This was a feature of IE, so who was the brainless turd that decided to make it almost impossible to use with the default setting? Some of those supposed software gurus really should have a good long shit next time and read the real news while they’re at it. You are my man, Kev.

  16. I have the registry settings as described, but when I open a new window (IE window #2) the status bar is not present. Any suggestions?

  17. I have the registry settings as described, but when I open a new window (IE window #2) the status bar is not present. Any suggestions?

  18. Thanks for the status bar info. Google found you as my top search result. It’s been bugging me for a few days now.

    Awesome dude

  19. excellent fix. the ‘normal’ way of fixing this problem by setting Status to on and closing the window wasn’t working but so far so good with this fix! Thanks dude!

  20. Thank You Kevin –

    I was able to follow your instructions while downloading netscape. Maybe it is time to give them another try?

  21. Many thanks. My status bar was fine until MS downloaded the latest patch to IE and it went away. It really was driving me mad.

  22. woooooooOOOOOO!!!!

    that shit has been driving me absolutely nuts for years!!

    you did it!

    youre the best, man! its true!

  23. What is the CTRL-CLOSE for? What does the CTRL key do when closing a window?

    I was having the same problem as everyone else; bar disappears on opening subsequent windows. This fixed that problem. Thanks, Kevin.

  24. I can’t believe I let this annoying problem happen for so long when it was such an easy fix. THANKS!

  25. P.S. i too would be curious to find out why the CTRL key needs to be held down when closing the windows…

  26. This will REALLY work to get your status bar locked in:

    After following the other instructions….
    start regedit (Start > Run > regedit )
    go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
    select “Show_StatusBar”
    At the top menu choose “edit” then ‘Permissions…’
    click ‘Advanced’
    One at a time highlight each name in the list & click the ‘edit’ button
    Check ‘Deny’ on the ‘Set value’ row. Click OK.
    Do this for each name, including Administrators and System. Then ok out and exit the registry editor.
    When you are done, nothing will ever get rid of your IE status bar.

  27. You are a God. Ive been cursing Bill for a month for that fscking annoyance. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?? THEY ARE SO LAME.


    You are a God.

  28. Thank You! This is one of the greatest tips I found that benefits me. Now every time I open a new IE, I don’t have to restore my status bar by checking view > status bar. I can’t believe I stand this for so long, in fact, this is really easy to fix!

    Keep this good work 🙂

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