I’m all right! Don’t nobody worry ’bout me.

A couple of emails and phone calls have trickled through asking how I’m doing at the new job. Thanks a bunch for thinking of me. Things are – in a word – great!

I’ve put in about eight weeks at the new property and I’ve (just today) made my quarterly goal. That’s not an easy feat when you’ve been at the resort for a while, let alone coming in mid-quarter. I think it just speaks to what a great property we have. I’m really lucky to be there and I’m learning a lot!

I put some pretty high expectations on myself and (up until today) I had some reservations about whether I could cut it at this level. Guess I can, for now. Unfortunately, you’re only as good as your last contract. :wink

Thank you for checking in on me, folks. In the words of the Kenny Loggins and the great Caddyshack gopher: “I’m all right! Don’t nobody worry ’bout me!”