I need professional help!

I have been trying to figure out how to give you, my beloved reader, the option to delete your skin preference cookie. In doing so, you would revert back to seeing whatever skin I wanted you to see. In my completely selfish opinion, it would be better that way because you would experience the site the way I intended. The alternative, of course, is deleting all the skins and giving you no choice. But I am a benevolent despot! :wink

I read some things online and tried to accomplish this on my own. After trying unsuccessfully, I turned to a professional. Jennifer (a.k.a. The Working Mom) is helping me finish up this project. And, by finish up, I mean to say that she is doing 100% of the work. Smart, talented, and scripty to boot! What a gal!

I hope to implement this new micro-feature before too long, so be on the lookout. Hopefully it will turn out well and Jennifer will feel inclined to share it on the Scriptygoddess website. Otherwise, I will share it here (with her okey-dokey, of course!)

Thank you, Jen! I guess I owe you a Blue Moon now, huh?! :wink