Home Time

Well, we officially signed an offer for our house (which is still not on the market). I find it hard to believe that you can sell your house without ever putting it on the market! I’m told that we must have a really good realtor, but that’s his opinion. :wink

Actually, (brother-in-law) Keith has done a fantastic job of selling our house without us actually having to list the house, endure viewings, etc. So, we’ll see if the offer goes through. If so, we’ll be closing before the end of the month.

Of course, selling the house (if it happens) starts the whole mad panic of, “Where in the hell are we gonna live? We gotta find a house! Quick!” Merrin & I are shopping realtor.com. Keith and I have a shopping date on Sunday to look at some listings.

In retrospect, three years in this house is EXACTLY what we said we wanted three years ago. Somehow, somewhere, we’re exactly on plan. Weird. :smile