Big Kev’s 3 step plan

We all remember the 3 steps for Coach Fran to Texas A&M, right? For those of you who missed it, let me please review:

  1. RC Slocum fired. Check.
  2. Nebraska AD Bill Byrne or Missouri AD Mike Alden hired as Athletic Director at Texas A&M. Expect another big announcement this week. Quick-moving Aggies pick AD
  3. Texas A&M hires Alabama Head Coach Dennis Franchione. Would you believe that this might be wrapped up with a Coach Fran hiring on/before next Monday? I’m standing by this because sources say I’m right, so we’ll wait and see.

Well, as I said it would, the Coach Fran annoucement is getting closer and may come as early as tomorrow morning. I’ve been saying all week that it should be finished on/before Monday.

Coach Fran & his wife came to College Station today a private jet. Rumors and now confirmed reports show that it is going very well.

The chairman of the Texas A&M board of regents said university representatives and Franchione have agreed to many terms of a contract, such as its duration, salary and other items.

Everyone knows I could care less about A&M. I do lie Coach Fran a lot from his days at hometown TCU. I’m an FSU guy, as painful as that may be at times this season. Hey, at least we beat the hell out of UF.

As I’ve said, the Coach Fran announcement will come on/before Monday. Period.

The lesson here: Never doubt me, kiddies. Never send me Crimson Tide hate mail saying that I’m “a doofus”. (Quite an intelligent remark for an Alabama alum, huh?)