Surf from work

Love to surf the web? Upset at how all that “work” they assign at the office cuts into your surfing time? Perhaps Ghostzilla is just the answer for you!

Ghostzilla, a train-wreck waiting to happen for office productivity, rests in your computer’s memory and allows you to surf in black & white (or other color combos) directly from any application. The browser appears within your application window and doesn’t display pictures/graphics unless you specifiy (ie. your monitor faces away from the door! :wink)

To make the browser appear, move your mouse from the left side of the screen to the right and back again. To make it disappear, touch the right side and ((poof!)) only your application remains. No tell-tale taskbar buttons either!

Common sense tells me this is a mistake waiting to happen, but it sure is a cool solution for a lot of folks. Enjoy! (via Metafilter)