So many thoughts

I have so much inside of me yearning to escape to the screen through my fingertips. So, it’s pretty ironic that I have neither the time nor the energy to post it all. All the tragic juxtaposition that is my life. :wink

A few things, however, have floated to the top and I find myself blogging on a FIFO (first in – first out) accounting system.

1) Have the absolute happiest Thanksgiving, folks. I really mean that. This is the best time of the year and all of us have a lot to be thankful for. I wanted to sit down and list all the things I’m thankful for. That effort led me to the realization that I’m also thankful that I don’t have to sit down and list all the things I’m thankful for! Here’s a couple of highlights. (You’ll just have to play along with me and know that I really do feel grateful for so many gifts in my life).

  • I’m blessed with an incredible wife with whom I’m madly in love. As we approach the 8th anniversary of our first date (!! gosh !!), I’m still spellbound by a single glance, or the hint of a smile, or simply the thought that she would even consider a guy like me.
  • I’m thankful for the incredible family I have. I have always had their love and support. Sometimes I realized and sometimes I probably just took it for granted, but I think I’ve come to realize how lucky I am.
  • I’m thankful that Merrin & I have great jobs that we love (most days, anyway!) Our careers have taken some odd turns, but we are better off today than we ever have been. I understand that there are probably a lot of people who can’t say the same about their jobs, and I feel really lucky.
  • I’m grateful for three dogs that give us every ounce of their love and devotion, expecting nothing in return. (Except for Abby, who kinda expects that you’re gonna share whatever you might be eating! :smile)
  • I’m thankful that I live in a place and time that is worthy of the bravery shown by so many Americans who defend it every day.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    2) This weekend is the big FSU-Florida game. As bad as things have been for the ‘Noles this weekend, nothing feels better than watching St. Bobby work out his demons by beating the hell out the Gators. I don’t know if FSU has the better team this year, but I’ll be rooting like mad none the less. GO NOLES!

    3) Happy Birthday, Robyn! Go bravely into that good night! (And if y’all are gonna have a really kick-ass party, at least be kind enough to fire up the webcam so we can all vicariously join in your reindeer games!) Here’s to XXX! Better you than me (at least for a few months, anyway!)

    4) Finally, this is the “official” start of the holiday season. I think the unofficial start is the day after Labor Day. Not sure – I’ll check on that one. Anyway…. This is the official start of the holiday season. This is the time of year where I pour out my heart (& wallet) to a lot of folks in need. If you are looking for a few good causes to support this year, can I please ask you to consider your local Ronald McDonald House (or mine) or the Salvation Army? There are so many worthy causes and so many men, women and children in need. Please remember them. And — even though I feel like a schmuck for even saying it — these groups need your help all year long.

    If you’re not in a position to help financially, groups are always looking for volunteers and there are several websites that will donate to charity simply because you visited the website.

    There are hundreds of thousands of heroes that are away from their homes. It’s my understanding that military may not conduct a holiday card drive this year because of security concerns. This fact is going to make being away even harder for a lot of very brave folks. They would appreciate even a simple email from you or you may donate a phone card so that they can stay in touch with their families.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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