Need a DirecTV Tivo right now?!

A lot of people are waiting (very impatiently) for the new DirectDVR units powered by Tivo. Commonly referred to as the Series II DTivo, they are rumored to be on the way out to retailers. Most of the inventory, however, has been pre-sold by Circuit City and the other big boxes. So, if you want a DirectDVR, hop down to Circuit City TODAY.

But, if you absolutely can’t wait then check out this deal on one of the better “Series I” units – the Sony SAT-T60. This unit is only for DirecTV customers. It will only record a DirecTV signal. With that said, it’s similar to the two that we own and we are in love BIG TIME.

This is a private invitation offer (so I’m told) so you may need to mention code: DVRO. Not sure what that means exactly, but I digress. If you already have DirecTV and just want a top of the line Tivo unit, hurry – supplies are limited. If you not a DirecTV subscriber…what the heck are you waiting for?! Go on! Scoot!