I’m an addict, baby….

I saw exactly (((double-checking math…yep!))) zero episode of Fox’s 24 last season. That brings me to one question for both my so-called friends and the internet community in general: WHY THE HELL DIDN’T ANYBODY TURN ME ON TO THIS SHOW SOONER??

I thought to myself, “I’ll just Tivo the season 2 premiere and –if it’s really good– I’ll pick it up from there.” OK. So #1: it’s really good, #2: I’ve got a “SEASON PASS” for the rest of the year, and C) I’ve got to go out and buy last season on DVD!

This show is GREAT! Keifer manages to pull his spare career out of the ditch and is AWESOME in 24! Not to mention the really, really talented Elisha Cuthbert!

I know I’m the last one to the party on this one, but 24 really is exceptional television. It’s hard for me to get past the fact that it’s not on HBO. Good thing, too…otherwise I might NEVER leave the house on Sundays!!

Catch 24 Tuesday night’s on FOX, besides – there’s nothing else good on in that timeslot anyway! And don’t worry if you missed the first episode, it’s replaying this week on FOX and FX, plus there’s fantastic info on the website.