Actual post-dinner, pre-car ride home conversation with my wife:

(we join the conversation in progress)

K: Well, it’s not actually Dear Abby. It’s her daughter, I think.
M: No, that’s Ann Landers. She died.
K: I know Ann Landers died. I’m saying Dear Abby is written by her daughter now. Dear Abby has alzheimer’s.
M: Oh my gosh! I didn’t know that.
K: Well, neither does she. She just wonders why she gets so much mail. :smile

(end conversation)

2 thoughts on “:)”

  1. This came after the conversation in which Kevin stated: “That guy needs to move his ass out of the way. That lady can’t help it if she’s fat”. I think it’s safe to say that the superiority complex which is usually unique to me has spilled over onto Kev tonight. One could also infer from these inflammatory statements that Kev has some karma coupons coming.

  2. OK. Classic liberal distortion and media bias at work to defame me, here.

    I said the guy needed to move his chair because it was in the “aisle” at the restaurant. The guy was being an a** because no fewer than 15 people came up, said excuse me, tried to fit through the space the aforementioned a** was hogging in the previously referenced “aisle”.

    So one lady, and God bless her because she was well into the multiple plus sizes, couldn’t fit through. Did the a** move his chair?? NO. Of course not. That’s what makes him an a**.


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