2002 Christmas Lists

Last year we started putting our Christmas lists online. It worked out really well. You all were able to find gifts for Merrin & me, and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. How perfect is that?!

So, thanks to your suggestions that we put our lists online again, we have. Here are the links to our lists. (They are also accessible from the homepages at www.kevindonahue.com and www.merrindonahue.com.)

Kevin’s Xmas List

Merrin’s Xmas List

I think it’s worth saying (again) that Merrin & I want to do this because you (our loving and generous :wink families) have asked us to. We don’t expect to get everything on our list. Heck, we may not get ANYTHING on our lists. That’s OK. Hopefully these will give you some idea as to what type of things we’re interested in right now.

If you have any questions about sizes or other gift ideas, please just call or email!

Now that Halloween is officially over, I can shout it out: