Standalone TIVO ver 3.0 PPP to Windows XP

NOTE: This is NOT intended for users with a DirecTIVO, DirectDVR, or standalone Tivo running less then ver 3.0, myself included! :wink

I found this link on the Underground and thought there might be someone out there with a dead modem on their standalone Tivo. If you’ve ever cracked the case, you know the only way to replace a Tivo modem is to solder a new one. Not a pretty site for most of us, myself included! :wink

Anyway, Otto has come up with an easy method of connecting a standalone Tivo box to WinXP via Serial PPP. Your standalone Tivo must be using ver 3.0.

Why would you want to connect your Tivo to WinXP? Simple. Service/Program downloads via broadband instead of your modem. So, if your Tivo modem is dead, take a look at this guide. Hope this helps!

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