My Letter to Santa 2002

This is year two of the online letter to Santa and I must say it really worked out well last year. Y’all seemed to like it because I actually wrote down some things I wanted and it worked out pretty well for me, too! So, thank you very much for thinking about me, Santa. I’ve been good most of the year and I promise to make up for the one or two “bad” times with extra cookies!!


Old Navy Plaid Long SleeveA great shirt that’s sure to look good with jeans or khakis! What more could a guy want?! Here’s some that I’ve found online:

Old Navy Red Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt — Size: L

Lands End Denim Blazer Shirt — Lt. Indigo — 16.5″/32″

Lands End Long Sleeve Chino Shirt — Size L
Hmm…which color?! How ’bout Orange, Crimson, or Spruce?

Wrinkle-Free LL Bean Long Sleeve — Size L
What do you think? Is the Olive/Cream nice?

Long story short here, I need a couple of nice looking shirts that I can wear for casual stuff. Use your discretion. Generally speaking, I wear a Large in a sized shirt or a 16.5/17″ collar and 32/33″ sleeves in a fitted shirt.





Is it just me or do these look like the best casual shoes ever created?! A cross between an “outdoor boot/hiking shoe” and a sneaker, these are all weather mocs that can take on everything Texas weather has to offer.

I shopped a lot of places online, but I really couldn’t find a better shoe or price than this one at Lands End. I think the dark brown has got to be the color for me. As far as size goes, I think I’ll try this one in an 8.5. Besides, if it’s not right, Lands End offers easy exchanges!

Men’s All Weather Mocs — Size 8.5 — Dark Brown




Can you ever have enough great movies?? I don’t think so. Here’s a couple that I’ve been meaning to get for myself, but I never have:
The Godfather Collection
Saving Private Ryan
That Thing You Do



Lord of the GrillUniflame Premium Grill

Since my beloved Char-Broil Grillmaster was smited down in the psuedo-twister of ’02, Merrin & I have been forced to make do without our bi-monthly grill-a-thon. For those of you who have sampled the fine work of Chef Kev, you know I was starting to get pretty good at grilling. Now it’s time to “kick it up a notch. BAM!” But it isn’t exactly simple to find a 3-burner gas grill with 400+ sq. inches of space in the dead of winter, either. Here are two that I’m in love with:

  • Uniflame Premium — hubba-hubba (alt view)

  • Char-Broil Big Easy — Yee-haw!
  • Note: These suckers ain’t cheap, so I’m perfectly content with a gift card I can use towards the purchase. Thanks, Santa!



    Florida State SweatshirtWith the way things are going this year, you can probably find a good looking FSU sweatshirt on sale! 🙂 Seriously, though, I’ve been asking for an FSU sweatshirt for 3 years. Here’s your chance to come through Santa!

    FSU Printed Sweatshirt — Size XL

    Garnet & Gold is a great Tallahassee store for all kinds of Seminole goodies. Point the sleigh that way, Santa, and you’re sure to get extra cookies this year!!





    Navy, 3 Button, Single Breasted SuitSomehow I missed the classic navy suit and the “new” classic taupe suit! Help me Santa!

    Joseph & Feiss Navy Blue Suit — 42 Short

    Claiborne Taupe Check 3 Button Suit — 42 Short

    Casual Day Blended Mocks — Black & Ivory (Size: L)

    Great Silk Ties1, 2

    Men’s Wearhouse Gift Card



    Sweaters!I love the look of these sweaters. They remind me of the great blue wool sweater I got a couple of years ago.

    LL Bean Lakeside Rag Sweater — Grey Marl — Size L

    LL Bean Lakeside Rag Sweater — Russet Marl — Size L

    LL Bean Lakeside Rag Sweater — Loden Marl — Size L

    If you don’t like the look of these, here’s some a couple of less casual sweaters in the same awesome colors:

    Loden Crewneck — Size L

    Vintage Red – Size L — Not sure this is the color for me, but it is good looking.



    Dude...Get me a Dell!Santa, dude – Get me a Dell!

    OK. So we’ve got a lot of computers in this place. We’ve got a lot of computers in this family. We’ve got so many computers that some of them are just sitting around in boxes unopened! Meanwhile, back in the Southwest Regional offices of Big Kev & Co, I’ve got a unit that is giving it’s life’s blood to keep up with me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great little box. (I know someone who might even consider it an upgrade!) But when it comes to gobbling up video and other heavy lifting, this one is just 2Ghz or so behind the times. So, Santa, if you’ve got a couple P4s sitting around, hook a brother up, OK?



    I gotta fly to St. Somewhere!Fly me to the moon…
    What’s the old saying…”When you think the world of someone, give it to them”? Well, maybe you don’t think the world of us, but I bet you would like us out of your hair for a couple of days, right?! We’ve been talking about spending 3-4 days together in some great places like San Franscisco, New York, DC, or maybe a jaunt back to Mexico. They say you should do it while you’re young, right? I’ve got the hotel connections in almost any city in the world, so…. Put the onus on us…tell us to “get the heck out of here”…did you know that American Airlines sells gift certificates?



    Best Buy Gift CardsGift cards never go out of style, especially those from Best Buy!





    Shop Online! Here’s some Big Kev favorites:
    Old Navy, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, Kohl’s, Men’s Wearhouse
    Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA