I’m ticked off at the networks. ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX — in their infinite wisdom — decided to use the peoples’ airwaves to bring us Raymond, Drew Carey, Fear Factor, and Baseball. So what else could they have shown?

For months, ABC (especially ABC), NBC, & CBS have been showing story after story, segment after segment on how the US government has “failed to make a case against Iraq”. So President Bush appears tonight and addresses the nation to explain his rationale for international action in Iraq. What station carries it? None of ’em.

This isn’t a groundbreaking development, mind you. None of the four broadcast networks showed President Bush’s much more technical and persuasive speech to the UN last month either. Why?

We have two reasons to consider as to why the networks refuse to provide the government’s side to the issue:

  1. They disagree with the President’s position that Saddam must be removed. Note: They thought it was a good idea when Clinton recommended it in 1999, but now it’s not a wise move in their eyes.
  2. The networks would rather cash in on bad TV shows than inform the country.

Both excuses are dispicable. Damn liberal TV media. Five dollars says that their will be an ABC/Communist poll tommorrow showing that Americans don’t understand why action is needed. Gee, ABC, why is that? Perhaps because you’re showing Drew Carey?

For those of you who seek some level of unbiased information, I invite you to take a look at the testimony before Congress, the President’s speech to the United Nations, and the documentation of Iraqi violations.

Don’t be uninformed, people. As Merrin likes to say, “Read something!”

4 thoughts on “Iraq”

  1. So if ABC and NPR are synonymous with communist doctrine, are there other deviant teleivion or radio companies out there, particularly those with a socialist viewpoint?

  2. Probably, yeah. I think you’re missing the whole point of my post: Companies that entrusted with the public airwaves have an obligation to inform the public. Inherent in that obligation is to -at a minimum- cover broadcasts of the President when airtime is requested of them.

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