College Football

Big Kev’s College Top 5 (Last Week’s Top 5)


Virginia Tech


Ohio State


Rounding out the top ten (in order): Notre Dame, Oregon, Florida, Florida State, Georgia.


While we’re on the subject of college football:

Remember me saying FSU is not out of the National Championship race? Turns out that ESPN agrees with me. Big surprise, huh?

So how big is BOWDEN BOWL IV this THURSDAY? So big that FSU has cancelled classes for Thursday & Friday to give the community a chance to gear up for the FSU v. Clemson.

An interesting report from ESPN/ABC Sports guru Jerry Punch says that Oklahoma is trying to get out of next year’s Alabama game. Interesting, really. There was such an atmosphere and so special for OU and ‘Bama fans to see two of college football’s legendary schools go at it. It would be a real kick in the pants if OU snuck out of it’s date at ‘Bama.

Need more proof of how sorry Florida is? Actually, I don’t need new evidence. I’ve always known they suck. But, since there’s more evidence — why not?! During their game @ UF, KY coaches had hundreds of dollars stolen from their locker room. This follows the theft that Miami coaches suffered a few weeks back. Damn the Gators!

Having grown up in KY I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but that never stopped me! What the heck are UK coaches doing with hundreds of dollars in their locker rooms?? Haven’t they learned anything from their current NCAA probation?? :smile